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Vitamin C is an active substance with almost magical powers – modern skin care formulas are unthinkable without it. Vitamin C actively promotes the formation of collagen fibers; its anti-inflammatory properties sooth irritated skin and provide outstanding first aid for fresh acne scars. The antioxidant effects of vitamin C protect the skin from free radicals by inhibiting their formation. Pigment dispersion and skin discolorations are reduced and the endogenous light-protection system of the skin is activated. The tissue becomes more resilient, with improved elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the complexion appears refreshed and rejuvenated. Natura Bissé has devoted an entire new product line to this “wonder substance”. Nine unique skincare products for face and body are just waiting for you to discover them. Natura Bissé C+C, the ultimate freshness booster for a youthful appearance.



Renowned London-based dermatologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Marko Lens presents his special, targeted solution for the lips. With only 3-5 layers on average, the skin of the lips is thinner than the rest of the facial skin, which consists of 16 layers. Lip skin contains no melanocytes, which provide protection from the negative effects of UV rays, and the lip skin has neither sweat nor sebum glands, leaving the lips especially vulnerable to dryness. Zelens offers a holistic solution with a three-pronged product approach: Lip Enhancer, Treatment Oil and Balm. The products are equipped with “keratinocyte growth factor”, which promotes the regeneration of keratinocytes. Once generated, the newly formed keratinocyte slowly transforms itself into a corneocyte (this cell type accounts for 90% of the epidermis). The growth factor increases the share of the more supple keratinocytes in this upper skin tissue. The result is hydrated and smoothed lip skin, significantly increased lip volume and density with more clearly defined contours.



In her long and successful career as a make-up artist, Christina Roth worked with countless international stars and celebrities in the film, fashion and advertising worlds. And she was confronted with a seemingly intractable dilemma: at the time, the intensive colors and long-lasting adhesion needed in professional decorative cosmetics applications could only be achieved by using controversial additives and synthetic preservatives. Make-up products from the natural cosmetics sector, on the other hand, had little to offer in the way of intensive colors, fine textures and long-lasting adhesion.

Christina Roth, however, was convinced that the issues in both camps could be resolved on the basis of natural ingredients. She found an ideal business partner in marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. Together they determined to create the most beautiful, multi-faceted colors, and to translate them into luxurious, certified organic/biological formulations – using ingredients as only Mother Nature herself can provide.

In the ongoing further development of UND GRETEL Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann have always continued to rely on their knowledge and intuition. The result is a carefully calibrated assortment that is purposely reduced in scale yet encompasses all products needed for a complete make-up, and always maintains the highest standards of quality.



Mix a tablespoon of the black mask powder with an equal amount of water in the little ceramic mixing bowl.  Use the special brush to make a smooth, well-blended mixture then apply the paste immediately to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 20-40 minutes then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. Mineral clay, coconut ash, camu camu (from the myrtle family), Celtic salt, rhassoul (Moroccan healing clay) and the oil of the Indian neem tree promote intensive detoxification processes and refine the complexion. The mask stimulates the immune system and fortifies the skin’s protective barrier.




Dr. Harald Gerny gained worldwide recognition many years ago as the founder of cosmetic stem cell technology. Among the most talented and successful dermatologists of our time, Dr. Gerny is the acknowledged father of this now firmly established science. His visionary intuition and expertise, gained over decades of dedication to the field, led him to develop another groundbreaking cosmetic active ingredient made in Switzerland: Cell Nucleus Health Complex. It contains a moss extract that has already been widely acclaimed as the most innovative and promising effective ingredient development of 2018. This new active ingredient opens up a whole series of new and unexpected perspectives for modern cosmetics. For the first time in skin care history, it will now be possible to positively influence the health of the cell nucleus, the command center of every cell. This substance stimulates all endogenous functions of the cell, optimally detoxing cells, promoting cellular health and moisture retention; it naturally regulates skin pigmentation and strengthens the immune system. As the world’s first holistic anti-aging approach that functions within the cell nucleus, the breakthrough CNH complex will thus revolutionize modern skin care. This effective substance makes its world premiere in Skinetic CNH products from Med Beauty.



African Botanics body care products spirit us away on a sensuous journey across southern Africa. Cold-pressed marula, baobab, kigelia and mongongo oils are blended with Kalahari melon, honeybush and rooibos extracts. They detox the tissue, revitalize, firm up and regenerate the skin of the body for all-over wellbeing and youthful freshness. A unique product palette (salt peeling, mud packs, shower gel, bath salt, serum, oil and body cream) takes us back to the mysterious skin care rituals of the indigenous peoples of Africa.



Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics dermatologist who has achieved international renown for her non-surgical, rejuvenating treatment methods. She is a pioneer in the use of the platelet-rich plasma method, which involves the treatment and re-introduction of the patent’s own blood proteins, for anti-inflammatory, highly regenerating and rejuvenating effects. Dr. Sturm’s skincare line is s synergy of unique and innovative active ingredients and potent natural extracts. All of the products deploy the botanical ingredient purslane, which activates the “immortality enzyme” telomerase in the mitochondria of our cells, prolonging their ability for renewal. All Sturm products are free from parabens and mineral oils, synthetic colorings and fragrances. They are safe and uncomplicated to use, and highly effective.




Hyaluronic serum & ampules act as super-boosters, treating wrinkles from dryness and minor skin flaws. Right after application the concentrate delivers tangibly firmer, deeply moisturized skin that looks refreshed and radiantly beautiful. The short chain hyaluronic molecules can penetrate deeper into the skin, maintaining a lasting moisture reserve that helps guard against dehydration wrinkles and provides a “plumping”, firming effect. The long chain hyaluronic molecules supply immediate, intensive moisture to the skin’s surface, giving the complexion a youthful appearance, elasticity and a fresh glow. Botanical extracts of purslane and skullcap lend additional anti-inflammatory action, protect the skin and activate endogenous telomerase. Women and men of all ages delight in this palpable, visible boost of refreshment.



Julius Eulberg, founder of JULISIS, sees skincare as an investment in health and wellbeing. The brand’s care products have a holistic effect and are based on the alchemical tradition as recorded in the teachings of Paracelsus, renowned Early Modern Age doctor, philosopher and alchemist.

JULISIS products are made with homeopathic ingredients – medicinal botanicals grown according to biodynamic precepts, mainly in northern Italy, in herb gardens first laid down over a century ago. There, far from any industrial installations, medicinal plants of the highest grade of purity are cultivated. After harvesting, the plant matter is refined in alchemical processes. The result forms the basis of the JULISIS skin care line.

In keeping with the homeopathic principle of subtle vibrational information, these holistic products provide ultra-pure nutrition to the cells and are highly effective. JULISIS products are carefully calibrated to the biorhythm of our skin and optimally support cellular metabolism.



Swiss cellular cosmeceuticals have their origins in the cellular therapy applications developed by Dr. Paul Niehans in 1931. After a lengthy period of scientific research, in the 1980s it was finally possible to use this revitalizing technology in skin care. Dr. Alfred Pfister, a Swiss doctor and former student of Niehans, was a leading light in the realization of this innovation. He perfected a technology that enabled the full vitality of “bio-integral, active-stabilized” cells to be used in cosmeceutical skin care. Theses cells, obtained via the Cellcontrol™ method – a revolutionary technique used exclusively by Cellcosmet/Cellmen – are unique in the world, and are key ingredients of Cellcosmet/Cellmen cosmeceuticals. With this cutting-edge patented method, aided by a purpose-developed stabilizing liquid, cellular material can be preserved in an active condition for months on end. These “active-stabilized, bio-integral” cells stimulate the activity of the skin cells, have a balancing effect on natural skin functions, combat the visible signs of premature skin aging, and nourish and strengthen the skin structure.



Before founding !QMS Medicosmetics, Dr. Erich Schulte worked for many years in cranial trauma medicine. Back then, the field of reconstructive surgery focused on rebuilding and restoring the form and function of accident and burn victims’ faces. The skin itself, however, often remained scared and damaged.

Over the course of many years of scientific research, Dr. Schulte discovered the supportive effect of collagens in wound healing. He developed a technique for reintroducing soluble natural collagens into the epidermis, thus stimulating and significantly improve the auto-regeneration process. Collagens also play a key role in normal skin ageing: collagen production declines with age. The result is loss of moisture and the formation of wrinkles. The groundbreaking technology from !QMS successfully reintroduces collagen into the epidermis, promoting skin regeneration and boosting moisture production.

The method developed and patented by Dr. Erich Schulte has made it possible, for the first time in the history of cosmetics, to actively counter collagen depletion in the tissue. The epidermal layers are plumped up from within, gaining firmness and density. Three products featuring the exclusive !QMS technology form an ideal basis, acting as a performance enhancer for any good anti-aging skincare products – with the remarkable additional benefits of actual skin regeneration.



In 1938, company founder Mila Opitz-Altherr began to experiment with care products. When she ended up creating and marketing her own organic skin cream, more or less by chance, it didn’t occur to anyone that she had laid the foundation stone not only for her own brilliant career, but for the creation of an internationally successful cosmetics company. In 1965, the family business was restructured to accommodate increased business volumes. The new in-house research and development department and a broadening of the service spectrum enabled the company to establish a stronger penetration of neighboring foreign markets and to carefully build up the wider international presence. Mila d’Opiz products are now available in 42 countries on five continents, where they are synonymous with innovative and effective Swiss skin care. In 1994 Mila d’Opiz became the first Swiss company to acquire ISO certification, proactively backing its own exceptionally high standards of quality early on with official recognition, documentation and safeguards.



This brand sets new standards in organic skincare. It was founded by Dana R. Jackson who launched her first care product, formulated to treat and protect and to strengthen the skin’s own immune functions, in 2012. She had learned through painful personal experience that environmental pollution as well as impurities in food and cosmetics products can stress the entire organism, leading to serious illness: at the age of 30, at the height of a brilliant career, Jackson had been diagnosed with an especially insidious form of lupus. Through a fortuitous telephone referral to specialists with an integrative approach, she embarked on a therapy that included pharmaceutical treatments and Chinese herbal remedies, dietary and detox measures as well as lifestyle modifications and mental and spiritual healing practices. Her condition soon improved dramatically and Dana now has the all clear and enjoys a fulfilled, happy and authentic life. She has since channeled all the knowledge, compassion and conviction gained through this life-changing process into five extraordinary skincare products, all hand-manufactured in small batches.  The formulations use only plants grown in the wild in areas where they thrive naturally. The products are entirely free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colorings and aromas. All Beneath Your Mask products come in miron violet glass vessels. The light-filter function of this special material protects the precious botanical substances and their energetic potential from degeneration and premature expiration.



The Paris salon in the Rue Notre Dame des Victoires is among the current “top shots” in the French capital. David Mallett is Australian and came to Paris at the age of 27. The hair care line that bares his name currently comprises eight high-performance products that enhance the natural beauty of the hair to perfection. The products are completely free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones and contain no fragrances or artificial colorings. Salon in the heart of Paris is an elegant, luminous place. Housed in a magnificent 17th century hôtel particulier, the ambiance is pure David Mallet: luxurious yet incredibly relaxed. His congenial, stylishly self-assured presence permeates the atmosphere. Clients ascend the grand staircase to receive a warm welcome at the eclectically posh reception area. A visit here is defined from start to finish by professionalism and discretion, a feature much appreciated by the many A-list celebrities who regularly visit the salon. Mallett’s creative vision and technological innovations have made him a sought-after stylist for French haute  couture fashion shoots.



The skincare series created especially for the needs of women and men with sensitive skin was launched in 2004 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz rely on natural ingredients to formulate skin care products that achieve gentle yet tangible results. From the very beginning, the friends developed their apothecary formulations themselves and manufactured them on site. They also support other family-owned-and-operated companies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. On a mission to make skincare as simple as possible, especially for people with sensitive skin, MALIN+GOETZ combine natural ingredients with modern technology. The secret to the brand’s extraordinary cleansing products, for example, can be found in cutting edge hydration studies. Gentle amino-acid-based surfactants clean and hydrate deeply, helping to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. The modern moisturizing creams are made of essential fatty acids and are free from pore-clogging mineral oils and residues. All products contain botanical extracts with fresh, natural scents. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected for its ability to cause as little irritation as possible to the skin while delivering advanced results. Yet the key ingredients are time-honored: 100 years ago they would have been found in any apothecary shop.



The certified organic formulas of TERRES D’AFRIQUE face and body care products have their origin in the centuries-old medicinal knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Africa. Brand founder Stephan Helary spent years intensively studying traditional African tribal medicine. From the first instant, he was captivated by the way the continent’s numerous different tribes used indigenous botanicals to make salves, elixirs and tinctures, and he was thrilled to discover their effective healing power. This was the genesis of the TERRES D’AFRIQUE idea. The previously unstudied medicinal botanicals have now been subjected to years of extensive research, their effectiveness scientifically proven and confirmed.

TERRES D’AFRIQUE translates the special curative, restorative powers of nature into modern anti-aging products suited to a modern lifestyle. The products are free from parabens, artificial colors and synthetic aromas, and are produced in accordance with environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical standards.



Journalists call her the “make-up genius” and the “queen of colors”. A loyal following of women across the globe can hardly imagine life without her advice and products. Terry de Gunzburg, French star visagiste and creative entrepreneur, has made it her mission to build a brand and an awareness of first class “haute couleur” – the make-up artist’s answer to “haute couture“. After 20 years of successful collaboration with major cosmetics houses – most recently as Creative Director at Yves Saint-Laurent – in 1998 she decided to realize her own vision of sophisticated luxury cosmetics: BY TERRY was born.

Terry develops her collections with a keen eye for detail and a great passion for color. Cunning technologies have contributed to earning BY TERRY products an enthusiastic, sophisticated customer base throughout the world. In the meantime, Terry has opened her own beauty institutes, where products can even be custom-made according to individual requirements.


111 SKIN

When plastic surgeon Dr. Alexandrides opened his practice in the upscale London neighborhood of Marylebone, he was looking for a skincare line suitable for use following cosmetic surgery procedures. Most of the products on the market were too harsh for the treatment of sensitive post-op skin. So he decided to create his own skincare line, developed in response to the specific requirements of his clients. His extensive studies confirmed that skin ages particularly quickly when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. He sought collaboration with space scientists responsible for the health and wellbeing of astronauts.

Together they developed the patented formula NAC Y2. Astronauts used it to protect their skin, and indeed their entire organism, during a mission, where they were exposed to extreme radiation and a drastically changed gravitational situation, causing the skin to age especially rapidly. The purpose-developed, patented formula was administered in a nutritional supplement as well as topically, enabling the organism to withstand even extreme-stress situations unscathed.

The first product to emerge from Dr. Alexandrides’s collaboration with space science was a serum for post-operative skin treatment, based on the spectacular active ingredient NAC Y2. Mission 111 SKIN had been successfully launched.



NESCENS is a cosmeceutical line from the renowned Swiss private clinic group Genolier, which includes the famous Clinique Valmont. The clinic group specializes in anti-aging medicine and rehabilitation and maintains its own highly regarded research facilities. Since 2011, skin aging has also been a subject of scientific research there.

Under the directorship of Prof. Dr. Jacques Proust, an anti-aging program was developed at the Genolier laboratories with the aim of finding ways of counteracting and reprogramming all biological mechanisms responsible for skin aging. The prominent dermatologist is the head and scientific director of the NESCENS centers for preventive medicine and a specialist for the whole array of product formulations.

NESCENS uses only molecules that have been proven effective in scientific studies. Every skincare product from NESCENS contains between 15 and 20% biologically active ingredients, which synergistically enhance the effectiveness of the entire formula. The highly concentrated anti-aging formulas were developed for both women and men and produce long-lasting, visible results.



Every Omorovicza skin care product is based on an exclusive mineral complex from the time-honored in-house thermal source in Budapest. The story of this healing hot springs can be traced back to early medieval times. Over 130 years ago, the aristocratic de Heinrich family acquired ownership of the healing spring and, with the help of one of the most famous architects in Hungarian history, turned the site into the well-appointed Racz spa. In 1998 an extensive renovation of the historic spa began, converting the Racz into a 5-star hotel complex that opened in 2010.

The Omorovicza product “power trio” – Gold Sugar Scrub, Body Cream and Firming Body Oil – contains jojoba, rice germ and apricot oils, delivering an immediate feeling of wellbeing and leaving the skin smooth and supple. Frankincense, chlorella algae and the exclusive patented mineral complex refine and detoxify the tissue and give the skin increased vitality and a fresh, youthful glow. Omorovicza care products pamper the skin with exclusive spa delights.



When internationally trained German dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke launched this skincare series in 2015, it fell on fertile ground – within months it had become a global anti-aging insider tip. The line owes its extraordinary effectiveness to the patented Royal Fern Complex, which taps the powers of the eponymous plant: ferns are evergreens; they are highly resistant to negative environmental influences and fulfill a key function in the forest as a reservoir and dispenser of moisture. For more than 400 million years, ferns have perfectly adapted to the constantly changing conditions on earth.

Fern extract stimulates cell regeneration and repairs pre-existing skin damage; it is a superior moisture regulator and sooths the skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation, for a more even-toned complexion. The overall result is a radiant, healthy and more youthful-looking skin.

Together with a team around internally recognized chemist and research scientist Prof. Dr. Leonard Zastrow Dr. Timm Golueke investigated the fern phenomenon, discovering a way to increase the anti-aging effects of the fern many times over. Combining fern extracts with other phytoactive ingredients, such as the seeds of the African voacanga tree, wild rose, sea buckthorn and minerals, has resulted in an incomparable care formula. All Royal Fern products are paraben-free, allergologically and dermatologically tested and produced without animal testing.



The story of the brand from Budapest takes us way back in time to a period over 2,000 years ago, when the Romans discovered the healing powers of thermal waters. In the centuries that followed, over 1,000 medicinal baths sprung up within the area that is now Hungary. Some of them still exist today.

In the 18th century, the Omorovicza family built the magnificent Racz Spa at the site of a medieval thermal source. Two hundred years later, Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza, a descendent of the founders, stepped up to head the venerable institution. With his American wife Margaret he developed an innovative new care series to enhance the thermal water treatments at the spa. Close collaboration with a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian research institute produced a unique anti-aging skincare system that leaves nothing to be desired. It all centers on the patented Hydro-Mineral Transference complex, an ingenious development that enables the body to effectively access and absorb the minerals in the medicinal waters.

To create this the complex, the water undergoes a fermentation process, triggered by the addition of yeast. The result is a lysate from which the valuable minerals can be harvested. They are then incorporated into the liposomes used in OMOROVICZA skincare products. The minerals and trace elements support all metabolic processes of the skin. In short, the skin’s natural resources are optimally tapped– for refreshed youthfulness and all-around wellbeing.

Eyelash Serum


The unique and highly active effective ingredient complex at work in Revitalash extends the natural growth phase of the eyelashes. The active substances support the hair root so that lashes, which normally fall out in regular sequence according to a fixed growth cycle, remain rooted and growing for a significantly longer period. Nourishing care ingredients, such as marigold and ginseng, make eyelashes stronger and suppler. After just four to six weeks of regular application, Revitalash delivers significantly longer, thicker lashes. This boosts the charismatic effect of the eye area, for a look that attracts admiring glances in return. The product has been ophthalmologically tested and deemed non-hazardous, even for use in direct proximity to the eyes.



Company founder Kat Burki worked for many years as a journalist covered the public health sector. Together with epidemiologists and other scientists the trained nutritionist – Burki holds a Master’s in Health Policy plus a degree in Health Law – researched the significant rise in illnesses due to environmental and nutritional factors. Kat Burki is knows that: “Understanding nutrition leads to a deeper understanding of how our body requires various vital nutrients and how it uses them.”  A conviction that led to her increasingly involvement with the skin care industry, culminating in the development of her trademarked Super Nutrient Complexes, the real USP of the brand. These “super” complexes are the result of a sophisticated combination of complimentary active ingredients. Applied in a synergistic blend, the various substances produce significantly enhanced results. All creams, serums, cleansers and oils are nutrient-dense formulations without any fillers, water or alcohol. All compounds are produced using certified Cold Pressing Technology (under 48 °C), because high temperatures significantly minimize the effectiveness of vitamins, oils and antioxidants, among other things. The process protects the precious and sensitive natural active ingredients, enabling them to retain maximal effectiveness. All Kat Burki products are free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones. The contain no artificial coloring or aroma agents and are not tested on animals.



Every day, the skin of our hands is exposed to special stresses and thus deserves special skincare attention. Daily mechanical stress, frequent washing and the negative effects of the sun clearly make their mark. Skincare specialist Susanne Kaufmann offers a holistic method of helping even hard working hands regain youthful softness, keeping them velvety smooth. Seven specific products (hand soap, hand peeling, rejuvenating serum, hand lotion, hand cream, nail oil and a UV protection product) deliver all-around regeneration and a youthful glow.



Top of Swiss Skin Care

Creme No 1 from this premium skin care brand represents the union of cutting edge cosmetic innovation with the rare skills and experience of one of the most talented and successful dermatologists of our time. Dr. Harald Gerny first gained worldwide acclaim many years ago for his pioneering work with cosmetic stem cell technology. It is no exaggeration to call him the “founding father” of this now very well established and familiar technology. With No 1 Cell Premium Dr. Gerny has succeeded in taking the singular effectiveness of botanical stem cells to a whole new level. No 1 Cell Premium unites innovative cosmetic active ingredients with solid epigenetic expertise to deliver a degree of sustained skin rejuvenation and regeneration previously unattained by skin care products.



Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenz Forest, a pristine Alpine valley in Austria, where knowledge of the healing powers of nature is passed down from generation to generation. From an early age, Susanne Kaufmann was fascinated by the idea of harnessing the intensive effective properties of the Alpine plant world to create modern solutions for beauty, health and wellbeing. She began realizing her idea at a very special place: the Susanne Kaufmann Spa at the Hotel Post Bezau. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists she developed result-driven products for spa treatments based on precious natural ingredients.

Skin-specific formulations with the highest possible skin-tolerance levels were part of the concept from the very start. The internationally renowned holistic skincare line SUSANNE KAUFMANN ORGANIC TREATS now encompasses more than 60 functional products.

Active Colour


Italian born, Harvard and Oxford trained and London based dermatologist, skin cancer specialist and surgeon Dr. Marko Lens is an internationally recognized anti-aging expert. His expertise in Western medicine is complimented by his knowledge of Japanese Kampo medicine, based on ancient traditional herbal/botanical cures. Dr. Lens has put this combined wealth of medical mastery into his dermatological skincare. Now he has infused a new make-up line with the same rare know-how, thus setting new standards in decorative cosmetics with a special focus on treatment benefits, optimal skin-tolerance and perfect color fidelity.



In 1992, an NY Times article caused quite a stir: Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion show for Chanel was a talking point not only for its extravagant, stylish creations, but for its thrilling avant-garde hair design as well. It was the first time that Cuban hair stylist Oribe Canales had garnered major public attention. Just a few years hence, he had become a celebrated star of the international catwalks. A high-end fashion show without hair styling by Oribe was by then virtually unthinkable. So it was a logical development that he would eventually launch his own hair care line, which he did in 2008. The products set new standards in the “haute coiffure” segment. A broad range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products leave hair looking strong, shiny and full of life. Many of these exceptional formulations were developed expressly for the high fashion runways to meet the special demands of supermodels, star performers and public personalities. Oribe is high-end hair care that fulfills even the most sophisticated wishes. Now you, too, can enjoy the star treatment and the glowing attention your hair will attract.



Georgie Cleeve founded London-based OSKIA after experiencing first-hand the extraordinary skin care qualities of MSM, better know as the “beauty mineral”. MSM is a naturally occurring form of sulfur that promotes collagen and keratin production, detoxifies tissue and also has a soothing, antiinflammatory effect. OSKIA was launched in 2009, pioneering the field of clinical nutritional skincare. The luxurious, nutritional OSKIA formulations use only the purest, naturally high-performing active ingredients – clinical bio-available nutrients and complex bio-actives designed to give you a beautifully healthy, glowing complexion. Bio-available vitamins, minerals, proteins and omega fatty acids improve cellular activity, bolster the immune system and stimulate the skin’s natural metabolic processes. The bioactive nutrients are combined with advanced biological substances, such as plant stem cells, peptides, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics for targeted effects. OSKIA Products are free from parabens, phthalates, silicons, diethanolamine, triethanolamin, sulfates and artificial aroma and coloring agents, and are suitable for all skin types. They promote the health and youthfulness of the skin in an ideal manner and work efficiently and sustainably to counteract skin aging processes.



Since its launch in 2006, the high-end skincare brand BELLEFONTAINE has received accolades from discerning customers throughout the world. The products in this line – envisioned and made 100% in Switzerland – are among the top performers in this exclusive field. The skincare products for face and body combine the latest scientific findings with the force of Swiss nature. The effectiveness of every BELLEFONTAINE product springs from the interplay of the patented Edelgen complex with stem cell technology, cutting-edge galenics and targeted active ingredients.

The active ingredients in the Edelgen complex intensely stimulate the whole cellular metabolic process, ensuring effective regeneration of all layers of the skin. Edelweiss, yeast, saponosides, flavonoids, provitamin B5, marigold, butcher’s broom, licorice, horse chestnut, hyaluronic acid and spring water from the Swiss alps provide effective protection from free radicals, offer maximal cell protection, active protection from UV rays, and strengthen the immune system. They maximize cell regeneration, optimize collagen and elastin production and provide an optimal supply of moisture. In addition, they boost microcirculation and oxygen supply, rebuild protein structures and stimulate all exchange functions of cells and their environment.

Benefits include a return of youthful freshness and luminosity, a significant smoothing of lines and wrinkles; tissue becomes firmer and plumper. Sensitive skin is strengthened; red blotches and irritations become a thing of the past.



Even before her brand became synonymous with a fresh, simple, modern expression of beauty, Bobbi Brown was the go-to woman in the New York fashion world for natural make-up looks. "When you worked with photographers like Bruce Weber, Brigitte Lacombe and Patrick Demarchelier, skin had to look like skin and lips had to look like lips. It wasn’t about unusual, artificial make-up – it was much more about underscoring natural beauty", Bobbi remembers.

In an era of exaggerated contours and unnatural make-up, Bobbi Brown and her concept of natural looks represented a refreshing new impetus. "It was the 80s, and the look was always: very light-colored skin, red lips, contoured cheeks – everything I didn’t find beautiful", says Bobbi. Frustrated by the dearth of flattering colors available, she decided to create her own nuanced shades. In collaboration with a chemist she developed Brown Lip Color - "A lipstick that looks like your own lip color, only better" – followed by nine additional brown tones.

In 1991, Bobbi Brown started selling her first ten lipsticks at a stand at Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York, and was surprised by her own success. She sold 100 lipsticks on the very first day – the sum she had expected to sell over the first month. Four years after the launch of those ten lipsticks, Estée Lauder bought the BOBBI BROWN brand.



TATA HARPER NEXT GENERATION BEAUTY sets new standards in the field of natural cosmetics. Founder Tata Harper is convinced that potent and effective botanical ingredients for facial, body and wellness products can only be made with organically grown plants. A large majority of the necessary botanicals are grown on the Harper family’s own farm according to strict organic principals. The idyllic 485-hectare patch in Vermont is company headquarters. Research and development, production, packaging and dispatch – it all happens down on the farm.

The products from TATA HARPER are uncompromisingly “super natural”, living up to the highest organic standards. They are free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones and contain no artificial coloring or aromas. They are certified organic, 100% toxin-free, gluten-free and vegan. The brand conducts no animal testing. Every stage of production is done at the single site, using renewable energies, to keep the ecological footprint to a minimum.




As soon as the product is applied, botanical hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, reishi – the “mushroom of eternal youth”– extracts of Cassia angustifolia seeds and cold-pressed avocado oil go to work, calming, soothing and regenerating the skin and making it more supple. 10 % glycolic acid refines skin structure, regenerates the tissue and works to protect the skin long-term from the damage of UV radiation. Apply to cleansed face with the special brush and leave on for 5-20 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Apply a few drops of Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum and then Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream. All-around regeneration for tired, stressed skin!




This innovative transdermal delivery system allows active anti-aging nutrients to penetrate up to 30% deeper into the skin. Transport processes called iontophoresis, using electric current on the form of micro-vibration, increase absorption and stimulate microcirculation. Lightweight and travel-friendly, the Micro-Firming Wand is the perfect tool for supplying “radiant skin on the go”. Once the moisture of the skin care product is sensed, the wand automatically starts vibrating and working its magic, stopping again automatically once the product has been completely absorbed.



Swiss skin care brand Alpéor uses the powers of select wild Alpine botanicals. The story of these plants begins 3.8 billion years ago, with the first algae on our planet. The Alpine flora we know today developed over the course of many millions of years, via the intermediary phase of the “semiaquatic plant”. More than 3.8 billion years of development have given Alpine botanicals the opportunity to form special adaptations that enable them to remain viable in constantly changing harsh climatic conditions, including extremes of heat and cold, wind, snow, ice and arid periods. After extensive research, Alpéor has developed an exclusive technology for extracting the special capabilities stored in the cells of these plants so they can be used effectively in skin care applications. Alpéor products are free from parabens, mineral oils and silicons. They contain no synthetic coloring or aroma agents. A very special skin care offering, in harmony with nature.



by Dr. Marko Lens

Dr. Marko Lens is an internationally renowned authority in the field of skin aging and skin cancer. He has extensive medical and scientific research training, holding first-class degrees from the University of Verona, Harvard and Oxford, and now practices reconstructive and plastic surgery in London. Dr. Lens is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and holds several patents in the area of anti-aging skin care. Studies of the Japanese traditional herbal medicine known as Kampo enhance his expertise with knowledge of the powerful healing properties of botanicals.

All ZELENS products are notable for their especially high skin tolerance levels and effectiveness. Patented high-performance active biotechnology ingredients supported by modern herbal medicine, all carefully selected and integrated in a formula to work in synergy, deliver impressive results in a comprehensive anti-aging skin care program. These products promote the wellbeing and proper functioning of the skin, for a refreshed, youthful-looking complexion.



Lat. “in somnum” – during sleep

We were born with a beauty that we try every day to protect, but it is fragile. Not only are we obliged to guard against the negative effects of the elements, pollution and stress we must also combat the extreme mental and visual fatigue that eats into our precious regenerative time. Insium aims to create a sacrosanct personal refuge where we can devote ourselves to that oft-neglected precious gift: our own beauty. It is a time and space for applications that are utterly pure, simple and effective as well as profoundly pleasant. They also deliver obvious, beautiful results.            As in the magic realm of dreams, anything is possible in the Insium cosmos. The products slow the process of skin aging, stimulate collagen and elastin production and strengthen the immune system. In addition to being effective, each product is immediately pleasurable to the touch, transforming the daily skin care routine into a sensuous experience and a valuable moment of physical and mental regeneration.Insium affirms beauty with the purest possible ingredients and says an emphatic “no” to anything unnatural, unhealthy and inauthentic. All products are free from silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, parabens, chemical filters, and nanomaterials, et al. All Insium products are also cruelty free (no animal testing) and vegan.



The NATURA BISSÉ success story began in Barcelona in 1979. Spurred on by passion, a fighting spirit, and the clear entrepreneurial vision of a successful professional cosmetics company, Ricardo Fisas started with five products, all based on soluble collagen. This first bold step set new standards in anti-aging skincare. In the meantime, NATURA BISSÉ has established itself as a renowned brand with a worldwide following.Featuring a number of patented proprietary technologies, the innovative formulations provide convincing actual proof of unique effectiveness and skin -friendliness.

Until now NATURA BISSÉ products have been available only at the exclusive department stores of New York, London and Tokyo, etc. as well as in the spas of famous five-star-hotels. We are thrilled that the products are now available in Switzerland as well – exclusively at Spitzenhaus.



GROWN ALCHEMIST is a new generation of organic skincare from Australia. Using cutting-edge extraction processes, the line makes botanical extracts even more effective.Anti-aging products containing these optimized ingredients provide impressive proof positive of extraordinary effectiveness. Benefits include: stimulation of the skin’s own moisture production; increased collagen and elastin generation; and improved cell communication. Antioxidant ingredients effectively protect the skin from negative environmental influences.

The “unlocked” plant extracts used in GROWN ALCHEMIST products actively work to reduce the loss of skin collagens and to support their regeneration. They also stimulate moisture production and prevent moisture loss. Specific botanical extracts improve cell-communication, thus protecting skin cells from degeneration and damage.

All GROWN ALCHEMIST products are paraben-free. They contain no mineral oils or silicons of any kind. They are 100 % organic and completely free from pollutants. The products are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients.



Men’s skin too, cries out for regular care. With Line M Susanne Kaufmann presents her solution for stressed male skin. Generally speaking, men’s skin is by nature more robust and resilient than women’s, but regular exposure to the elements and a daily shave often take a greater toll. Line M addresses theses specific needs, delivering the special nourishment and protection men’s skin needs. Shaving cream, aftershave balm, moisturizers, deodorant and eye care leave no wish unanswered for an increased feeling of wellbeing and a more dynamic, youthful appearance.



Plant stem cells were first introduced to skincare in 2007 and have been a key player in modern care products ever since. These “phyto” cells have made an important contribution to improving the performance of skincare products overall. The Swiss brand CELL PREMIUM was the very first in the world to propagate this groundbreaking technology. In late 2015, the company became the focus of renewed attention with its announcement of a spectacular breakthrough in this area. A Swiss research team had succeeded in locating the seat of the “dermal stem cells”, in other words, those in the subcutaneous skin layer. Furthermore they’d also found a way of using plant stem cells to significantly boost the functioning of these cells. This triggered a clear improvement in the condition of the dermal tissue.

Up until that point, modern skincare products had only been able to express their full effectiveness in the epidermis, the outer skin layer. The CELL PREMIUM brand launched the first global skincare product line able to unfold its targeted anti-aging effect, using active plant stem cells, in the underlying dermal layer as well. This extraordinary product innovation represented a new dimension in skincare effectiveness.



Jacqueline Piotaz skincare products unite Swiss nature and Swiss innovation to deliver astounding, long-term results. The care series is centered around the patented Plant Stem Cell Plus Complex, a biotechnological formulation based on the stem cells from the uttwiler spätlauber, a rare Swiss apple variety, the gamay grape, the Alpine rose and those of argan tree products. This potent active ingredient blend is enhanced with extracts of crocus and edelweiss flowers. The exclusive mixture goes to work deep in the epidermis, the upper skin layer, and in the layer below that, the dermis. The effect is to purge the tissue of impurities and stimulate collagen and hyaluron production for sustained skin regeneration. After just a few applications, the skin shows improved resilience, youthfulness and a fresh glow.




The safe alternative to Botox injections, with a 3D lifting effect, lends the tissue lasting firmness, noticeably improves facial contours and significantly reduces mimic wrinkles. Serum and cream comprise over 70% active ingredients and deliver truly impressive immediate, cumulative and long-lasting results. For a more intensive and faster result, use the serum and cream together mornings and evenings. During the first 5 weeks it is recommended you include an additional weekly supportive treatment with the spectacular High Definition Patches in your regime. Two different hyaluronic acid fillers combined with the high-powered active ingredient conotoxin deliver immediate firmness and smoothness. Once a week over a five-week period, apply the Inhibit Patch to the areas to be treated. Leave it on and allow it to take effect for anywhere from least two hours to overnight. The Inhibit Patch is the first of its kind to treats deep mimic lines on the entire face. Deep within the skin, reserves of Botox and filler are built up to then work their intensive wrinkle-reducing wonders over the course of many days.

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Omorovicza / Zelens by Dr. Marko Lens / 111 SKIN by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides / !QMS by Dr. E. Schulte / Natura Bissé / Bellefontaine / Cell Premium by Dr. H. Gerny / Mila d‘Opiz / Alpéor / Tata Harper / Cell Cosmet / Susanne Kaufmann / Royal Fern by Dr. Timm Golueke / Grown Alchemist / Aromatherapy Associates / Julisis / Nescens by Dr. Jacques Proust / Jacqueline Piotaz / Malin+Goetz / Terres d‘Afrique / Bobbi Brown / Und Gretel / By Terry / David Mallet Hair / Oribe Hair / Oskia / Beneath Your Mask / African Botanics / Dr. Barbara Sturm / Insium / Kat Burki