Alchemistic Skin Care

Julius Eulberg, founder of JULISIS, sees skincare as an investment in health and wellbeing. The brand’s care products have a holistic effect and are based on the alchemical tradition as recorded in the teachings of Paracelsus, renowned Early Modern Age doctor, philosopher and alchemist.

JULISIS products are made with homeopathic ingredients – medicinal botanicals grown according to biodynamic precepts, mainly in northern Italy, in herb gardens first laid down over a century ago. There, far from any industrial installations, medicinal plants of the highest grade of purity are cultivated. After harvesting, the plant matter is refined in alchemical processes. The result forms the basis of the JULISIS skin care line.

In keeping with the homeopathic principle of subtle vibrational information, these holistic products provide ultra-pure nutrition to the cells and are highly effective. JULISIS products are carefully calibrated to the biorhythm of our skin and optimally support cellular metabolism.