Argentum Apothecary

Silver Hydrosol Technology

Silver as been regarded as of the most precious elements since ancient times. Medicinal and magical powers were attributed to it. The ancient Romans used silver powder to treat wounds and put silver coins in their drinking water to keep it germ-free, thus preventing disease. These applications have now been scientifically proven effective. The WHO now adds colloidal silver to its water filters, for example.

The “silver hydrosol” used by Argentum Apothecary is the purest and finest form of soluble silver. In addition to its soothing and antibacterial characteristics, it also regulates skin flora and stimulates the skin’s own detoxification processes, promoting natural regeneration potential.

All Argentum products contain a special patented fusion: silver hydrosol bound to marine DNA. This formula has a mutually catalytic effect. Its fine molecular structure enables the products to be optimally absorbed and deeply effective. This special molecule can bind 10,000 times its weight in water. The tissue is optimally hydrated, collagen and elastin production promoted and the skin enjoys long-term regeneration. The formula has a balancing and immune strengthening effect. Redness and skin impurities are reduced, the complexion becomes clear and even-toned.