Ulticell Cell Perfector Cure

This 28-day cure treatment is the nonplus-ultra of cellular anti-aging skincare applications. Fatigued, damaged or stressed skin receives the best, most comprehensive care possible. The effective power of this stem cell-protecting cure comes from the narcissus bulb, which contains active substances that extend the lifecycle of the cells. Existing fine lines and deeper wrinkles are diminished long-term, new signs of aging do not become visible as fast – as if time were standing still. The complexion becomes more youthful and refreshed, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the tissue becomes more smooth and resilient. Mornings and evenings, apply four drops to the face and massage it in with circular, lightly patting movements, first from the inside if the face outwards, then moving upwards. Finish off the care ritual by applying Crème Ulticell.