Susanne Kaufmann

Pollution Skin Defence Ampoules

This new system consists of three perfectly harmonized active substance ampoules – vitamin C, ectoine and Q10. They are applied, one per night, in a 15-day intensive spa treatment. Together, the ampoules deliver comprehensive multi-layered protection, guarding your skin against the negative effects of free radicals and damaging environmental factors. That helps to the youthfulness, radiance and smooth complexion of your skin. The high-dosage vitamin C ampoule provides free radical protection, strengthens the skin’s natural defense system and opens the detox pathways of the skin. The ectoine ampoule gives the skin cells natural, holistic protection, resulting in effective prevention of the early onset of skin aging. The Q10 ampoule is the grand finale. This substance promotes skin oxygenation, stimulates cell metabolism and wards off anti-oxidative stress. The magnolia extract present in this ampoule promotes collagen production. The three ampoules in the series are applied, one per night, before your night cream, over the course of 15 days.