Tata Harper

Green, Clean & Vegan Skin Care

Stem cell technology was first deployed in the skincare sector in 2009, and has been a key feature of modern cosmetics ever since. This scientific innovation has significantly improved the performance of skincare products for advanced treatment effects on the epidermis. After many years of research in this breakthrough technology, Professor Proust is now pleased to introduce Activator Serum Stem Cells. A few drops of the serum applied before moisturizer promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibers and of keratinocytes in the basal cell layer. An additional exclusive ingredient helps guard against accelerated shortening of the telomeres (ends of a chromosome), thus prolonging the lifespan of skin cells while supporting their renewal process at the same time. This special active ingredient complex delivers regenerative effects that penetrate deeply into the skin reducing fine lines and small wrinkles and redefining facial contours. The skin tissue becomes visibly more youthfully radiant and refreshed.