Susanne Kaufmann

Obsidian Face Roller

The stone has properties that help relieve muscle inflammation, strengthen connective tissue, and help the body to better absorb vitamin C and D. In addition to physical effects, obsidian also demonstrates energetic benefits, enhancing the flow of “life force” as existing blockages are released. Susanne Kaufmann herself selected all materials and artisan manufacturers. Her brother, renowned architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann, designed the roller. The black obsidian stone is from South Tyrol, which local craftsmen hand cut into the roller form.

To use: place the roller at the center of the face and stroke/roll it outwards (along the facial meridians). To treat the area around the eyes place the roller under the eye at the base of the nose and roll it horizontally outwards towards the temple. For a quick reduction in swelling around the eyes or a little “emergency relief”, place the roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before use. For enhanced results, we recommend the use of the roller together with ampoules and serums.