Seed to Skin

Light Time & Night Time Eye Recovery System

The Eye Rescue Duo is s special treatment perfectly attuned to the daytime/nighttime rhythm of the skin. The two formulations are fundamentally distinct and aim to meet the special needs of the eye area during these two distinct phases. The Light Time product is a dual-action daytime eye cream that delivers a visible 12-hour smoothing and lifting under-eye effect while acting to reduce the signs of aging long-term. The formulation is designed to “iron out” the under-eye skin and reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. The Night Time formulation works on a deep level to fight long-term all visible signs of ageing around the eyes. Improves cell regeneration, drainage and circulation in the skin tissue. This treatment duo utilizes the Advanced Molecular Delivery System to give the delicate skin around the eyes renewed smoothness and youthful freshness after just a few applications.