Medicosmetic by Dr. E. Schulte

Before founding !QMS Medicosmetics, Dr. Erich Schulte worked for many years in cranial trauma medicine. Back then, the field of reconstructive surgery focused on rebuilding and restoring the form and function of accident and burn victims’ faces. The skin itself, however, often remained scared and damaged.

Over the course of many years of scientific research, Dr. Schulte discovered the supportive effect of collagens in wound healing. He developed a technique for reintroducing soluble natural collagens into the epidermis, thus stimulating and significantly improve the auto-regeneration process. Collagens also play a key role in normal skin ageing: collagen production declines with age. The result is loss of moisture and the formation of wrinkles. The groundbreaking technology from !QMS successfully reintroduces collagen into the epidermis, promoting skin regeneration and boosting moisture production.

The method developed and patented by Dr. Erich Schulte has made it possible, for the first time in the history of cosmetics, to actively counter collagen depletion in the tissue. The epidermal layers are plumped up from within, gaining firmness and density. Three products featuring the exclusive !QMS technology form an ideal basis, acting as a performance enhancer for any good anti-aging skincare products – with the remarkable additional benefits of actual skin regeneration.