Cosmeceutical by Clinique Genolier

NESCENS is a cosmeceutical line from the renowned Swiss private clinic group Genolier, which includes the famous Clinique Valmont. The clinic group specializes in anti-aging medicine and rehabilitation and maintains its own highly regarded research facilities. Since 2011, skin aging has also been a subject of scientific research there.

Under the directorship of Prof. Dr. Jacques Proust, an anti-aging program was developed at the Genolier laboratories with the aim of finding ways of counteracting and reprogramming all biological mechanisms responsible for skin aging. The prominent dermatologist is the head and scientific director of the NESCENS centers for preventive medicine and a specialist for the whole array of product formulations.

NESCENS uses only molecules that have been proven effective in scientific studies. Every skincare product from NESCENS contains between 15 and 20% biologically active ingredients, which synergistically enhance the effectiveness of the entire formula. The highly concentrated anti-aging formulas were developed for both women and men and produce long-lasting, visible results.