Natura Bissé

Inhibit Botox Replace

The safe alternative to Botox injections, with a 3D lifting effect, lends the tissue lasting firmness, noticeably improves facial contours and significantly reduces mimic wrinkles. Serum and cream comprise over 70% active ingredients and deliver truly impressive immediate, cumulative and long-lasting results. For a more intensive and faster result, use the serum and cream together mornings and evenings. During the first 5 weeks it is recommended you include an additional weekly supportive treatment with the spectacular High Definition Patches in your regime. Two different hyaluronic acid fillers combined with the high-powered active ingredient conotoxin deliver immediate firmness and smoothness. Once a week over a five-week period, apply the Inhibit Patch to the areas to be treated. Leave it on and allow it to take effect for anywhere from least two hours to overnight. The Inhibit Patch is the first of its kind to treats deep mimic lines on the entire face. Deep within the skin, reserves of Botox and filler are built up to then work their intensive wrinkle-reducing wonders over the course of many days.