Kat Burki

Goji Essence & Super Peptide Lifting Cream

Super Peptide Lifting Cream in combination with Goji Essence opens up a whole new dimension in modern anti-aging skincare. Goji Essence, applied before a serum, is a true miracle cocktail of essential amino acids, green tea, vitamin C, goji berries and stem cells from the cornflower blended with 5 % lactic acid to refine the complexion and supply the skin with valuable antioxidants. It strengthens the skin’s immune system and the tissue displays renewed vitality and radiance. Super Peptide Lifting Cream contains the Tri-Peptide complex Matrixyl™ 3000, regarded as the “Mona Lisa of peptides”. Coenzym Q 10, hyaluronic acid, wakame bioferment and plant stem cells intensely support the regenerative power of this “miracle compound”. The product plumps the dermis, stimulates repair mechanisms and fortifies the protective barrier of the skin. The complexion appears firmer and rejuvenated. This unique active ingredient complex minimizes the signs of skin aging, offering significant visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and improved elasticity. In short: the winning combination of Goji Essence and Super Peptide Cream delivers unique regenerative effects.