Dr. Barbara Sturm

Ultimate Hyaluron Filler

Hyaluronic serum & ampules act as super-boosters, treating wrinkles from dryness and minor skin flaws. Right after application the concentrate delivers tangibly firmer, deeply moisturized skin that looks refreshed and radiantly beautiful. The short chain hyaluronic molecules can penetrate deeper into the skin, maintaining a lasting moisture reserve that helps guard against dehydration wrinkles and provides a “plumping”, firming effect. The long chain hyaluronic molecules supply immediate, intensive moisture to the skin’s surface, giving the complexion a youthful appearance, elasticity and a fresh glow. Botanical extracts of purslane and skullcap lend additional anti-inflammatory action, protect the skin and activate endogenous telomerase. Women and men of all ages delight in this palpable, visible boost of refreshment.