Dr. Barbara Sturm

Lifting Serum

This innovative serum is the perfect quick beautifier, delivering an immediate firming effect and visibly reducing the signs of skin aging. Just an hour after application, Lifting Serum leaves the skin looking visibly firmer and more even. Fine lines and minor wrinkles are immediately diminished. The serum has a double-action formulation. One formula made of polymers creates a weightless film on the skin’s surface that promotes firmness and stability and noticeably smoothes wrinkles. This immediate lifting effect lasts for several hours. In addition, a microalgae extract plumps wrinkles noticeably and supports the generation of collagen and elastin long-term. The serum lends noticeable firmness and elasticity. After your main skin care regime dose a full dropper into the palm of your hand, apply to your whole face and gently pat in. The serum should be the last step in your skincare program, in other words, applied on top of your day or night cream.