The Science of Staying Young

Swiss cellular cosmeceuticals have their origins in the cellular therapy applications developed by Dr. Paul Niehans in 1931. After a lengthy period of scientific research, in the 1980s it was finally possible to use this revitalizing technology in skin care. Dr. Alfred Pfister, a Swiss doctor and former student of Niehans, was a leading light in the realization of this innovation. He perfected a technology that enabled the full vitality of “bio-integral, active-stabilized” cells to be used in cosmeceutical skin care. Theses cells, obtained via the Cellcontrol™ method – a revolutionary technique used exclusively by Cellcosmet/Cellmen – are unique in the world, and are key ingredients of Cellcosmet/Cellmen cosmeceuticals. With this cutting-edge patented method, aided by a purpose-developed stabilizing liquid, cellular material can be preserved in an active condition for months on end. These “active-stabilized, bio-integral” cells stimulate the activity of the skin cells, have a balancing effect on natural skin functions, combat the visible signs of premature skin aging, and nourish and strengthen the skin structure.