Cell Premium

Ultimate Swiss Stem Cell Science by Dr. H. Gerny

Plant stem cells were first introduced to skincare in 2007 and have been a key player in modern care products ever since. These “phyto” cells have made an important contribution to improving the performance of skincare products overall. The Swiss brand CELL PREMIUM was the very first in the world to propagate this groundbreaking technology. In late 2015, the company became the focus of renewed attention with its announcement of a spectacular breakthrough in this area. A Swiss research team had succeeded in locating the seat of the “dermal stem cells”, in other words, those in the subcutaneous skin layer. Furthermore they’d also found a way of using plant stem cells to significantly boost the functioning of these cells. This triggered a clear improvement in the condition of the dermal tissue.

Up until that point, modern skincare products had only been able to express their full effectiveness in the epidermis, the outer skin layer. The CELL PREMIUM brand launched the first global skincare product line able to unfold its targeted anti-aging effect, using active plant stem cells, in the underlying dermal layer as well. This extraordinary product innovation represented a new dimension in skincare effectiveness.