The Art of Beauty Sleep

For brand founder JESSICA HOYER sleep had long become a real luxury. During the several years she spent heading her own advertising agency it was truly a precious rarity. Then, after becoming a mother, deep, restful sleep was but a distant, impossible dream – “me time” was something Jessica knew vaguely from hearsay. One look in the mirror each morning revealed the effects of every single minute of sleep missed the night before. In an attempt to at least look rested, Jessica tried dozens of skincare products, but found no truly satisfying solution. Her mother, who had just passed her aromatherapy exams, set to work developing a sleeping balm out of 100 % pure essential oils for her exhausted daughter. And finally, after ten years, Jessica once again new the joy of good, deep, restorative sleep.

Galvanized by the results, Jessica sold her ad agency and travelled the world to learn all she could about “beauty sleep”. Her research brought her into contact with dermatologists, neurologists and a renowned New York sleep expert. And the result: she discovered that sleep and beauty are, in fact, an inseparable couple. Together with a team of international experts Jessica succeeded in combining sleep-enhancing aromatherapy with a highly effective skin car regime tailored especially to the needs of the skin at night. Bynacht was founded. A dream born of sleepless nights. All Bynacht skincare products feature a maximum concentration of active ingredients. Precious aromatherapeutic essential oils allow balms to reach their maximum efficiency at night, during a deep, restful sleep. Carpe Noctem: seize the night. Because nighttime is the right time to enable our skin to work its regenerative magic.

Every Bynacht active ingredient complex, each individual ingredient, has been specially developed to exploit the perfect physiological conditions the skin enjoys by night.