Augustinus Bader

TFC 8 Cellular Renewal Technology

Augustinus Bader recommends using his renowned cream without any additional skincare products. All by itself, this especially rich cream supplies the skin with everything it needs. The cream is formulated on the basis of water, sunflower oil, pentanedial (for hydration), squalene, alcohol, with argan oil, avocado oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil, and, of course, the famous TFC8 Trigger Factor Complex. TFC8 – sounds like a droid from Star Wars, but it’s actually a unique skincare technology, the likes of which the market has never before seen. Human skin renews itself naturally every 27 days (according to individual metabolism). TFC8 accelerates this process, and thus enables acne, redness and other irritations and wounds to heal more quickly. Wrinkles are minimized, pores are reduced and UV damage virtually disappears.