VIRTUE Hair Care

The Perfect Ending Split End Serum

In the year 2012, a team of biochemists using a new biochemical procedure succeeded in extracting human hair keratin in its purest form. The resulting substance, trademarked as Alpha Keratin 60kuTM, is an astonishing protein, corresponding almost 100 % to the organic human keratin structure of hair and nails – a virtually perfect match that makes this substance so unique. For the first time, the active ingredient complex can now direct itself to the very spot where it’s needed to fill cracks and gaps, smooth uneven areas and seal broken ends. It not only helps repair existing damage but also protects against future fraying. After just five applications split ends are reduced by 95 %. Alpha Keratin 60kuTM improves the appearance, quality and health of your hair like never before. The product is color-safe and ideal for any hair type.