African Botanics

African Detox & Slimming

This 3-phase intensive treatment detoxifies, refines and molds the skin of the body with impressive results. Café Noir Exfoliant contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA/BHA) that, in combination with finest black coffee and marula nut granules, clarify and decongest the skin and stimulates orgnaic detoxification processes. Svelte Cream contains an effective botanical ingredient mix consisting of milk thistle stem cells, lotus, spirulina, guarana and marine red seaweed extracts that promote fat loss and strengthen tissue structure. Applied to the critical areas, Svelte has a slimming effect and restores firmness, suppleness and tone. The active ingredient complex in Jardin Sauvage, formulated with wild Fynbos (southern Africa) botanicals, marine extracts and caffeine, is especially rich in antioxidants and polypeptides and promotes deep skin regeneration. Mango butter, marula oil, Kigelia Africana and rooibos tea lend abundant suppleness, comfort and wellbeing.