By Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

When plastic surgeon Dr. Alexandrides opened his practice in the upscale London neighborhood of Marylebone, he was looking for a skincare line suitable for use following cosmetic surgery procedures. Most of the products on the market were too harsh for the treatment of sensitive post-op skin. So he decided to create his own skincare line, developed in response to the specific requirements of his clients. His extensive studies confirmed that skin ages particularly quickly when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. He sought collaboration with space scientists responsible for the health and wellbeing of astronauts.

Together they developed the patented formula NAC Y2. Astronauts used it to protect their skin, and indeed their entire organism, during a mission, where they were exposed to extreme radiation and a drastically changed gravitational situation, causing the skin to age especially rapidly. The purpose-developed, patented formula was administered in a nutritional supplement as well as topically, enabling the organism to withstand even extreme-stress situations unscathed.

The first product to emerge from Dr. Alexandrides’s collaboration with space science was a serum for post-operative skin treatment, based on the spectacular active ingredient NAC Y2. Mission 111 SKIN had been successfully launched.