From Vienna, with Love by Alexander Lauber

The term “Wiener Blut” (lit. Viennese blood) was coined in 1873. It describes the “unique blend of archness and hedonism attributed to the Viennese” – the high society of fin-de-siècle imperial Vienna in particular. Alexander Lauber, the creative force behind the brand, went rummaging in the chronicles of history, dusting off tales of prominent Viennese players and anecdotes of the day, taking us back in time to the captivating scenes of a magnificent era. Alexander Lauber describes himself as something of a fragrance forensic scientist. He trawls archives, libraries and auctions rooting out literature about perfumes, their origins and their pervasive presence in social history. Lauber’s findings inspire his own olfactory creations. WienerBlut products are made exclusively at the company’s own manufacturing facility. Ingredients are always select. Extremely rare, superior quality raw materials are used whenever available. Packaging components are handcrafted and, in a finishing touch of old world elegance, the flacons are filled and labeled by hand as well.