Tristan & Isolde

„Tribute to Richard Wagner“ Ramon Monegal for Spitzenhaus

The late 12th century King Arthur saga inspired Richard Wagner to his epic opera, which tells the tragic love story of the young Tristan and the Irish princess Isolde. Wagner began to compose this work during a stay in Zurich in 1853. Master perfumer Ramon Monegal pays homage to this great composer in a pair of olfactory creations available only in Zurich.

black pepper, frankincense, cedar and pine accords give Tristan its spirited, fresh overture. Myrrh, cypress and Haitian vetiver lend seductive sensuality and depth. 

heady accords of green fig, iris and fragrant jasmine flowers give Isolde beguiling allure. Tonka, oak moss, caramel and delectable Bourbon vanilla captivate, inviting us to surrender completely to their charms.