Teresa Helbig

A perfume brand that transmits the essence of Haute Couture from Barcelona by Rodrigo Flores Roux

Teresa developed a passion for fashion very early on. She grew up in her mother’s own fashion atelier, surrounded by textiles, needles and thread. She says that every single day, her mother taught her that much of the beauty of a great fashion creation lies in what you don’t immediately see. That explains why fashion designer Teresa Helbig is such a perfectionist today, with an obsession for painstaking detail reflected in the handcrafted finishing of each of her designs. Her fashion atelier is situated in the heart of Barcelona, a city of countless contrasts that never ceases to stimulate and inspire. Teresa Helbig imbued her fragrance collection with the same spirit. The charismatic perfumes were created according to the highest standards of quality and artisan mastery. They embody subtly provocative elegance and thoroughly persuasive sophistication.