Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel for Shalini, New York

Maurice Roucel discovered his passion for fine fragrances back in the 1970s, while working as a chemist at Chanel. He went on to train as a perfumer with Henri Robert and took a special interest in breaking down every raw ingredient into its chemical and aesthetic constituent parts, reducing it to its true essence. Roucel is a researcher, and the raw materials his greatest source of inspiration. That special approach has given rise to a unique, unmistakable perfume language, notable for its individuality, subtlety and sophistication. The signature fragrance Shalini, created for the designer of the same name to compliment her eponymous luxury line, is a subtle composition of white blooms, a bouquet including tiaré, frangipani, neroli and exotic tuberose based on the profundity and mystery of white musk and sandalwood. The scent softly and tenderly envelops its wearer in an evocative, intoxicating magic.