Refinement & Excellence of Asia/Japan

Virtually every Western perfumer dreams of traveling through Asia, collecting the region’s olfactory blessings to bring back home. Floraïku is an expression of this fascination: a French brand inspired by Japan, its name a portmanteau of «flora», the world of plants, and «haiku», the Japanese poetry form. John and Clara Malloy, founders of Memo Paris, launched the project, engaging perfumers Alienor Massenet, Sarah Burri and Sophie Labbé. The team of noses took a bold and adventuresome deep dive into this faraway fascinating realm of mystery and came up with astonishing new fragrance worlds that captivate with their enigmatic lure. The perfumes, in their distinctive flacons, are presented in the form of various ceremonies, each a group of three different scents. These are rounded off with «shadowings», two perfumes used in combination with any of the others to add either a lighter or a darker shade.