Ramon Monegal

The 4th generation of the Monegal family with 100 years of perfume tradition

Ramon Monegal is one of Spain’s most influential perfumers. A fourth-generation descendent of the family that laid the foundation stone for the fragrance house Myrurgia, he was virtually fed the affinity for the art with his mother’s milk. From 1972 to 1985, he learned his trade at the big fragrance producing companies, including Firmenich, Roure Bertrand and IFF. A true master of his métier, in 2009 the time was ripe for Ramon Monegal to found his own firm. In composing a fragrance Monegal, of course, takes his cues from nature, but his passion for literature is the real inspiration behind the brand’s scents. They tell of the richness of prose and the pithiness of poetry; words are translated into fragrance notes, phrases into accords: the finished composition is a retelling of the tale. Like a good book, these olfactory nods to great literature offer a tantalizing escape from the daily routine, captivate us and sweep us off on a journey through time and space.