Parle Moi de Parfum

Évidence et passion by Michel Almairac

Parle moi de Parfum draws first and foremost on one thing: Family. Growing up with the countless stories that father Michel brought home from work, Benjamin Almairac envisioned creating a place right in the center of Paris for the public to discover the exquisite, sublime creations that Michel Almairac dreamt up. Together with mother Elisabeth and brother Romain he has succeeded in realizing a place to discover the technique and magic, to experience the disconcerting ease and maddening complexity of perfumery in a bright, relaxed atmosphere. Thus the vision became the light, airy and inviting retail venue in the Rue de Sévigné 10, right in the middle of Paris. Here Benjamin has also created a laboratory with countless fragrance raw materials and a weighing station, which is now the daily workplace of a young perfumer. The visitor is invited to gain first-hand insight into the fascinating world of master perfumer and in-house fragrance designer Michel Almairac, and to engage in the declared intention of the brand: to talk about perfume and nothing else!