Parfums d'Elmar

Quintessence de Luxe. Scents of immemorial emotions.

Parfums d’Elmar was launched in 2017, born of the idea to set new standards in the artisanal luxury perfumery sector.

Created in close collaboration with master perfumer Mark Buxton, the line celebrates the sensuous aspects of love.  Precious agarwood appears as a signature olfactory note in each of the fragrances. The exceptional concentration of fragrance oils used in the perfumes results in the astonishing depth of the scents. The term “quintessence de parfum” refers to a rare 35-percent concentration of the most noble and precious ingredients in each individual handcrafted flacon.

Mark Buxton has succeeded in elegantly translating the complex themes of passionate desire, pleasure and true love into a distinctive, opulent fragrance language. The best absolutes of each raw ingredient are masterfully combined to form complex and outrageously luxurious quintessences de parfums.

Genuine leather envelopes the glass flacons, which are crowned by a stopper made of semiprecious medals decorated with 360 Swarovski crystals.