By Alessandro Gualtieri

“I start out making something, but at a certain point it starts to make its own choices, all by itself”, says Alessandro Gualtieri. His style is unique and inimitable. His extraordinary perfumes are based on the highest-quality raw materials. Their intensely evocative effect oscillates between authenticity and pleasure, inspiration and a good dose of lunacy. Contrary to conventional scents, NASOMATTO fragrances are always centered on the various individual scent components and personal associative interpretations of the wearer.

Rapture, pleasure and a sense of promise that goes its unpredictable way – the fragrances by Alessandro Gualtieri spirit the wearer away on a journey full of climactic moments: from scents with names that clearly and unmistakably signpost the way ahead, to fragrances of overwhelming sensuality, to the olfactory ecstasy of a fusion of different scents. NASOMATTO is the art of letting the sense of smell alone be your guide.