By Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas

The story of Mizensir began in 1999 with a very special room scent collection: hand made fragrance candles and room sprays that set new standards for superior quality in this segment. In years that followed, the exclusive collection was extended to include a line of fragrances. Each of these creations was composed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas himself. For over three decades, Alberto Morillas has kept a large, loyal following of aficionados around the globe coming back for more with his fragrance bestsellers, some of them selling in the multi-millions. Legendary greats including Must de Cartier, Aqua di Giò, Miracle, CK One, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Eternity for Men ensure him a place among the Titans of perfumery. Morillas’s creations for his own brand MIZENSIR give us insight into his very personal approach to the art. With the master’s Midas touch, exotic and extremely rare aromas combine with classic, familiar odorant essences to become sublime objects of desire. The scents from Mizensir possess surprising individuality, subtlety and shrewd sophistication, offering a truly extraordinary experience of perfume pleasure.