Mirko Buffini

The tradition of Florentine perfumery school

Italian fragrance meets Asian minimalism. Founded in 2010, the artisanal perfume house Mirko Buffini Parfum can already boast an impressive portfolio of successes. Headquartered in Florence, the company takes up the long perfumery tradition of the city, which goes back to the Renaissance. The fragrance creations are developed according to the time-honored artistic tradition of Florentine perfumery in an in-house perfume laboratory in Florence. Many of the Mirko Buffini scents are inspired by Far-Eastern traditions, history and ancient legends, reflected in scents with names including ‘Haiku’, ‘Moxi’ and ‘Ki’. The brand does, in fact, have an especially enthusiastic following in Asia. These scents take a story and spin their own yarn out of it, skillfully combining exotic olfactory notes to create a complex and compelling composition with a minimalist design. Each of the fascinating scents develops its bouquet wonderfully on the skin. Even after several hours’ wear, Mirko Buffini perfumes present a surprisingly multi-layered array of fragrance notes.