Scent Stories from New York

MiN NEW YORK is an avant-garde art project from the United States that transcends borders and blazes new trails. Chad Murawczyk uses his MiN NEW YORK Scent Stories to present a contemporary lifestyle. His bold compositions are a striking union of emotional fragrance architecture and extravagant design.

is creativity focuses on artistic freedom and raw materials of outstanding quality. 16 individual scent ideas reflect personal memories, passions and emotional high points of his life. Exclusive aromatic substances and exquisite materials meld to form artworks borne by profound feelings. The MiN NEW YORK scent project inspires us to rethink our understanding of fragrance in the classic sense, and invites us to open up to new impulses. Chad Murawczyk is always on the lookout for new ideas and challenges. He infuses the collection with an assured sense of style and keen instinct for success stories. His many years of experience give the personal “short stories” by MiN NEW YORK their own very special, distinctive character.