Meo Fusciuni

By Giuseppe Imprezzabile

Unconventional, ardent, courageous and always on the lookout for new inspirations: hot-blooded Sicilian Giuseppe Imprezzabile has dedicated himself heart and soul to scent. His fragrance collection MEO FUSCIUNI takes its name from his nickname, Meo, and an epithet that was his grandfather’s description of the young Giuseppe, a curious boy always in motion, like flowing– fusciuni – water.

The trained aromatario studied Herbal Techniques at the University of Parma’s School of Pharmacology; anthropology in Morocco; and ethnobotany in Turkey. Already perfectly at home in the world of herbs, spices, and essential oils, in 2009, Giuseppe Imprezzabile fulfilled a lifelong dream by creating his own fragrance line: MEO FUSCIUNI. With a passion for vigorous, dramatic, profound scents full of character, the nose from Sicily was soon a force to be reckoned with on the international artistic perfumery scene.