Lights and Shadows

Tribute to Paul Klee by Vincent Micotti

Paul Ernst Klee was a German painter and graphic designer whose wide-ranging oeuvre exhibits elements of expressionism, constructivism, cubism, primitivism and surrealism. The fragrance ‘Lights and Shadows’, created by master perfumer Vincent Micotti/YS Uzac in collaboration with descendants of Klee, is an olfactory homage to the artist. The scent reflects his eventful life, his beloved music, his journeys to foreign shores and, of course the paintings.  Klee’s tireless, almost restless creative energy and enormous output has given us a unique and sublime legacy. “I am a painter”, affirmed Paul Klee in a 1914 dairy entry at the end of a trip to Tunisia. Despite his great talent as a draftsmen Klee’s journey to painting and to color was a long process of artistic self-discovery. He loved to experiment, combining a broad spectrum of artistic media, and was a visionary in more than just his visual language. With its key notes of rhubarb, fruits, powdery nights, ink, paper, shadows and fragrant wood burning, the fragrance charts the life, times and work of this great artist, full of contrast and color, vigor and poignancy, light and shadow.