Since its foundation in 1957, Gravel has seen trends come and go and always remained true to itself.

Created by chemist Michael Knudsen, a Swedish immigrant to the USA, this milestone mens’ Cologne was launched 1957 in New York. Uncompromisingly masculine from the start, it took the still quite fragrance-skeptical men’s market by storm. Purely hand-manufactured and bottled, each flacon is truly one-of-a-kind.

Resins, frankincense and spices are the main themes of the scent. Back in the day, Knudsen himself collected the tiny stones along the East Coast shoreline that he then personally added to each bottle. These eponymous pieces of gravel contribute far more than just a visual effect to the product packaging. In fact, they give the cologne its warm color and slightly metallic fragrance note. The highly elaborate and personal production process meant that each bottling run was a limited edition, and there was always a long waiting list of those eager for the chance to envelop themselves in the scent.

Extinct since Knudsen’s death in his late nineties – he’d continued to control production and personally select the gravel stones till the end - the scent was revived in 2018 as: Gravel  - A Man’s Cologne. Zesty citrus top notes invigorate while woodsy, balsamic notes combine with spices, a bit of incense and some resin to round off the effect. Frankincense lends the olfactory artwork its mystical depth. The precise concept behind the scent, however, remains a well-guarded secret.