Fueguia 1833

Patagonia Collection by Julian Bedel

FUEGUIA 1833 is Julian Bedel’s passionate declaration of love to the wild, rugged beauty and biodiversity of a region that had mesmerized Charles Darwin and his travelling companions back in the 19th century: Patagonia. In 2010 the Argentinian Bedel founded FUEGUIA 1833 as a tribute to this botanical treasure chest of the South American continent – for the first time uniting the indigenous plant word in a fragrance collection. Among the many FUEGUIA scents, the new MUSKARA collection deserves special notice. These six new enticing fragrances all have one thing in common: an absolutely unique PHEROMON molecule at the base. Pheromones are neurotransmitters that enhance the attractiveness of the wearer vis-à-vis his or her environment. These substances have their own rhythm of motion and surround us like an invisible, magical aura. Each of these six new variations has been equipped with a carefully selected special extra element that ensures an utterly unique fragrance experience.

As uncommon as the fragrances themselves is their packaging. Each flacon is housed in a handmade little cedarwood box. FUEGUIA 1833 is made for connoisseurs who seek true values and time-honored tradition.