Carner Barcelona

A perfume brand that transmits the essence of Barcelona

Sara Carner founded Carner Barcelona in 2010 based on the desire to capture the intoxicating atmosphere of her Catalonian hometown as a sensuous adventure in scent. Carner Barcelona is a collection of exquisite perfumes made of the finest ingredients and manufactured entirely in Barcelona by master perfumers and true artisans using time-honored, traditional techniques. Carner Barcelona is absolutely committed to the responsible use of natural resources: the raw materials used in the fragrances are all renewable and sourced according to fair trade conditions. Sara Carner finds inspiration in the meaningful yet evanescent moments of life. The scents of the native Catalan embody the spirit of Barcelona – its Mediterranean soul, lively squares and the famous bustling tree-lined Las Ramblas. The fragrances tell stories of longing and true emotions, of memories and extraordinary encounters. Carner Barcelona perfumes are for individualists who can afford the luxury of being unique.