Bottega Profumiera

The expression of craftsmanship which defined Made in Italy

BOTTEGA PROFUMIERA speaks of the Roman art of perfumery and an elegant, particularly Italian lifestyle. Its founder Maurizio Lembo has created a fragrance collection that allows us to share rich and captivating moments of his own life story. Lembo discovered his love of scents early on, as a young boy exploring his father’s perfumery. Later on, he realized his vocation was not behind the counter, selling his beloved fragrances. He wanted to share his personal passion with others directly, by creating his own perfumes. Lembo’s inspiration is life itself, an endless wealth of experiences: love; a visit to an art exhibition; thoughts of friends; happy childhood memories; the scent of a garden. But his creations are also often the result of the pure virtuoso experimentation of a master at work with the essences he adores. BOTTEGA PROFUMIERA is the expression of refined Italian craftsmanship. Maurizio Lembo has created a timeless fragrance style notable for exceptional elegance and a subtle sense of luxury defined by perfume artistry, the careful selection of aromatic substances and the traditional production process in Rome.