Ambre Bleue

Vincent Micotti for Spitzenhaus

This fragrance revolves around a rare and intriguing substance that has fascinated humankind for centuries. Ambergris is a material of mythological proportions that has lost none of its intrigue across the ages. Way back in the 15th century, ambergris was already being traded in Europe, a rarity literally worth its weight in gold. Fresh ambergris is white and soft and has a rather unpleasant smell. Only after years, or even decades, of exposure to air, light and salt water does the substance take on its characteristic solid consistency and attractive scent. Its fragrance notes are described as dry-woody, balsamic and tobacco-like, with a slightly animalistic character. Acclaimed perfumer Vincent Micotti has a master hand with this substance: his Midas touch has given rise to a true masterpiece. Finest nuances of oud and precious frankincense, exotic resins and subtle leather accords caress and seduce our senses. Noble and refined, the fragrance Ambre Bleue displays a captivating combination of individuality, subtlety and sophistication.