Rose Concrète

Fredrik Dalman for Alinea

“True luxury is the ability to change something into emotions”. The credo of creators Jeroen Oude Sogtoen and Mona di Orio in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman and the guiding principal for their work on the Alinea collection. The new perfume collection consists of a total of 8 fragrances and was created for all those who uncompromisingly seek the rare and beautiful.

The scent Rose Concrète is dedicated to the queen of roses, telling a seductive story of the Rose de Mai. The result of the masterful work with this rose theme is surprisingly mystical, dark and mysterious. Not a bit sweet for a rose scent, it also displays an unexpected mineral-laden complexity. Rose Concrète leaves it up to wearers to decide which sensuous moments they wish to immerse themselves in.