Base Notes Collection by Sophie Bruneau

Affinessence founder Sophie Bruneau is an expert in haute parfumerie, well connected in the fragrance world and personally acquainted with its top talents. Her collection ‘Notes de Fond’ is devoted solely to the essences that conventionally serve as base notes. These intensive, long-lasting fragrance notes that represent the quintessence of the perfumer’s art here take center stage. Musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood and sometimes a hint of basmati rice lend these scents their mesmerizing, sensual magnetism. Their unique magic comes to full fruition on the skin, exuding reassurance, trust and self-confidence. They touch the senses, immersing us in a world full of exotic enchantment; they take hold and don’t let go. The Affinessence approach, pulling the base notes into the foreground, is completely new.  Elegant and infallibly persistent, they offer a genuine “scent signature”. These perfumes can even be worn under a favorite everyday fragrance to underscore its sensuality and create a truly unique, bespoke scent. Affinessence is a highly sophisticated concept with results that are refined, exotic and utterly captivating.