Und Gretel

Organic Make up

In her long and successful career as a make-up artist, Christina Roth worked with countless international stars and celebrities in the film, fashion and advertising worlds. And she was confronted with a seemingly intractable dilemma: at the time, the intensive colors and long-lasting adhesion needed in professional decorative cosmetics applications could only be achieved by using controversial additives and synthetic preservatives. Make-up products from the natural cosmetics sector, on the other hand, had little to offer in the way of intensive colors, fine textures and long-lasting adhesion.

Christina Roth, however, was convinced that the issues in both camps could be resolved on the basis of natural ingredients. She found an ideal business partner in marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. Together they determined to create the most beautiful, multi-faceted colors, and to translate them into luxurious, certified organic/biological formulations – using ingredients as only Mother Nature herself can provide.

In the ongoing further development of Und Gretel Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann have always continued to rely on their knowledge and intuition. The result is a carefully calibrated assortment that is purposely reduced in scale yet encompasses all products needed for a complete make-up, and always maintains the highest standards of quality.