Alpha Keratin Technology

For the first time in history, haircare products enhanced with human keratin extract in the form of Alpha Keratin 60ku™ are now available.  An ethically sourced biotech innovation, this breakthrough substance is “bioidentical”, meaning that our body recognizes the keratin structure as its own, accepts and “pulls” it to where it’s needed to do repair work: smoothing, resurfacing, filling in cracks and mending damage strand for strand as never before possible. Hair becomes smoother and shinier; volume and vibrancy are significantly increased. This trademark alpha keratin compound is an exclusive ingredient of every Virtue haircare product.

67 % reduction in frizz
After just 4 applications, hair is dramatically smoother, displays better composition and significantly less frizz.

95 % split end repair
After 5 applications hair is made whole again, showing almost complete recovery. 

22 % increase in thickness
Single strands magnified after just one application shows significantly higher moisture levels and an increased thickness of up to 22% per strand.

138 % increase in color vibrancy
After just 5 applications, color is restored and vibrancy increases by up to 138 %.  The remarkable repair benefits on hair and pigmentation relate directly to more smoothness, which in turn results in better light reflection for a more vibrant color effect.