Senteurs d'Orient

Authentic Libanese Soap Tradition

The classic Aleppo soap from Syria is regarded as the archetype of soap culture.  Little neighboring Lebanon, too, has been a center of soap making for over six thousand years. Lebanese artisans soap makers Senteurs d’Orient still employ the time-honored ancestral method. Each piece of soap, enriched with essential oils, is stirred by hand and dried for ten days before it receives the finishing ornamental touch: engraving in the style of decorative tile arabesques.

Aiming to create products that offer an intensive, sensuous experience, the soap creators work together with the world’s most renowned perfumers to distill flowers that capture the sensuous atmosphere of the Orient. Each scent is a blend of highly concentrated pure essential oils carefully processed to achieve a perfect balance between the pleasurable, sensuous benefits and the therapeutic ones, also promoting relaxation of body and mind. Every soap in the line is enriched with the most highly effective skincare ingredients, including shea butter, glycerin und vitamin E. The natural aromas and choice ingredients turn every bath into a bathing experience.