Seed To Skin

Body Care by Borgo Santo Pietro

Awakening Salt Scrub based on mineral-rich sea salt combined with various types of seaweed, green tea and essential oils of vetiver, frankincense, fennel, sage and rosemary detoxifies and refines the skin. Dead skin particles are removed with gentle but thorough exfoliating action and the complexion becomes visibly smoother and more refreshed.

Oil to Foam is a whole new type of skin cleansing. It can be used like a conventional shower product and can also be applied to the dry skin before showering. Once under the shower it emulsifies when gently massaged into the skin. Olive extracts, probiotics, enzymes and minerals in combination with essential oils of rose, neroli, mandarin, geranium and lavender cleanse gently and thoroughly, without damaging the protective lipid mantle of the skin.

The Dry Body Oil with vitamins A and C, rose hip extract and the essential oils of cuckoo flower, vanilla, mimosa and neroli regenerates and firms the skin for a feeling of wellbeing and suppleness that lasts a full 24 hours.