Augustinus Bader

TFC 8 Cellular Renewal Technology

All Augustinus Bader products are based on the principal: our body knows best how to heal itself. Our own cells already know what is required to rid us of all manner of skin ailments. Seien es Wrinkles, acne, redness, dry patches or, pigment spots: the solution to all these problems and more lies slumbering within our own bodies. Our cells just need a little “nudge” to activate their own self-healing powers. Professor Bader himself developed and patented this new engine for our cells. It goes by the name of TFC8. The patented Trigger Factor Complex accelerates cellular renewal processes, thus enabling acne, redness, irritations and other wounds to heal more quickly. Wrinkles are minimized, pores become more refined and UV damage virtually disappears. Many creams promise similar results, but in this case: seeing is believing. Professor Bader enlisted 7 people to use the cream for 27 days. The test subjects were of different ages and ethnicities and suffered from various skin complaints. Over the course of the 27 days their skin was filmed with a close-up lens and later evaluated. The result of the application test: pigment spots faded away, blemishes disappeared and wrinkles were reduced. The complexion of all test subjects displayed a significant improvement.