Our team

Managing Director & Founder/Consultation and Sales


“The realization of the perfumery Spitzenhaus is the fulfillment of one of my big dreams.I consider it an extraordinary stroke of luck and a privilege to be able to present my new concept, many years in the making, in this unique and exclusive environment. The assortment we offer here is the quintessence of my very personal favorites from the fragrance and care sectors. An ingenious, stylish shop concept provides a fitting framework for showcasing these carefully selected brands.”

Deputy Managing Director/ Consultation and Sales


“A distinctive scent subtly underscores each individual’s personality. It sparks associations with the beautiful moments in life and enhances our wellbeing. I’m particularly intrigued by the endless variety of fragrance raw materials: their special magic and expressive possibilities knows virtually no bounds. Introducing customers to these very personal and singular olfactory experiences is fascinating. It constantly inspires me, always in a new and different way, turning my passion into arguably the best job there is.“

Consultation and Sales


“Every day spent in this gorgeous ambiance as a member of this fantastic team, having the opportunity to share my wealth of experience with our international clientele, is a marvelous experience for me. Our very special, exquisite products fascinate, encourage and inspire. I love being able to work in several different languages, providing competent consultation that conveys a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. It’s my vocation and daily source of satisfaction.“

Consultation and Sales


“My passion for fine fragrances and high-quality skincare products has been with me my whole life. Being able to work in these venerable historic premises together with my colleagues of many years’ standing means a lot to me. It’s a unique concept at a beautiful site. A lot of lifeblood and attention to detail went into restoring the place to its former glory. I base my approach to advising customers on empathy, sensitivity and attentive listening. Come to Spitzenhaus Parfumerie and you’ll experience it, with all the senses, as a place of the heart. You’ll feel you’ve arrived.”

Consultation and Sales


“The first time I came to Spitzenhaus I immediately fell in love with the stunning space. It never would have occurred to me at the time that I would one day work here.

The exceptionally experienced team is unique, and the carefully selected products, many of which are found in Switzerland exclusively at Spitzenhaus Parfumerie, make the work interesting and dynamic. Every workday I’m impressed anew. How wonderful, that fate brought me to Zurich and to Spitzenhaus!”

Consultation and Sales


"In this inspiring atmosphere – a combination of historic and modern – it is a real joy for me to familiarize our customers with the sensuous and emotional world of extraordinary cosmetics and fragrance brands. I experience Spitzenhaus as a very special place where a highly competent team lives its passion and expertise; a place made for people who seek the best in beauty and wellbeing."