Launched in 2018 thanks to the desire and conviction of Clara and John Molloy, willing to initiate a new way to experience and make perfumes.


Refinement & Excellence of Asia/Japan

Les Eaux Primordiales

Atemporality in Motion


By Fredrik Dalman for Alinea

Rose Concrète

Fredrik Dalman for Alinea


Hand-crafted luxury room scent by Spitzenhaus Curated Selection

Seed To Skin

Home Fragrance by Borgo Santo Pietro

Perris Monte Carlo

The most exquisite raw materials are skillfully crafted with a lot of heart and soul

Parle Moi de Parfum

Évidence et passion by Michel Almairac

Paradis Provence

Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel for Shalini

Marc Antoine Barrois

Olfactory Haute Couture from Paris


Care & Consider Home Fragrance, Zenology is about finding a balance between nature and science

Tristan & Isolde

„Tribute to Richard Wagner“ Ramon Monegal for Spitzenhaus


Home Fragrance by Alberto Morillas


Since its foundation in 1957, Gravel has seen trends come and go and always remained true to itself.

Amorem Rose

Maurice Roucel for Shalini, New York

YS Uzac

The artistic interpretation of senses. The avant-garde olfactory compositions. Niche perfumes made in Switzerland

Rosendo Mateu

By Master Perfumer Rosendo Mateu, Barcelona

Régime des Fleurs

Sublime Botanical Drama, Santa Monica, California

Parfums d'Elmar

Quintessence de Luxe. Scents of immemorial emotions.


Tribal collection inspired by music and rhythm


A historical brand founded in 1827 by Mr. François-Étienne Violet, the Violet perfumery marked the French cosmetics industry.


Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel for Shalini, New York

Jardin Nocturne

Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel for Shalini, New York

Ambre Bleue

Vincent Micotti for Spitzenhaus


Born in the awareness that the spirit transcends all borders, captures the heartbeat of all peoples and is grounded in their traditions. By Filippo Sorcinelli.

Orto Parisi

By Alessandro Gualtieri


Connecting Eastern and Western Tradition


By Alessandro Gualtieri

Naomi Goodsir

Tangible Invisible Accessoires

Mona di Orio

Unique and particularly rare by Mona di Orio & Fredrik Dalman


Scent Stories from New York

Meo Fusciuni

By Giuseppe Imprezzabile

Humiecki & Graef

Uncommon and exquisite Fragrances

Fueguia 1833

Patagonia Collection by Julian Bedel


A paradise of pure delight & contentment by Pissara Umavijani


A Long Time Ago In Argentina


Tradition & Style since 1760

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier

By Jean–Francois Laporte, actual founder of Artistic Perfumery

Mirko Buffini

The tradition of Florentine perfumery school


By Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas


Conceived in New York by Karl Bradl and Carlos Quintero

Ramon Monegal

The 4th generation of the Monegal family with 100 years of perfume tradition


From Vienna, with Love by Alexander Lauber

The Different Company

L’essence de la Haute Parfumerie


Base Notes Collection by Sophie Bruneau

Bottega Profumiera

The expression of craftsmanship which defined Made in Italy

D.S. & Durga

Founded by an architect and a musician. Brooklyn NY

Lights and Shadows

Tribute to Paul Klee by Vincent Micotti

Carner Barcelona

A perfume brand that transmits the essence of Barcelona

Sacre du Printemps

Tribute to Igor Stravinsky by Vincent Micotti

Teresa Helbig

A perfume brand that transmits the essence of Haute Couture from Barcelona by Rodrigo Flores Roux


Vincent Micotti for Theodor Curentzis